About Us:

Infinity Life Skills CIC is a non-profit making organisation established in August 2014. In the past 2 years we have been researching into the services  provided for adults on the autistic spectrum. Specifically those focused on getting them into the working environment.

We have a  totally unique training and shadowed work experience program within the Disabled Adults Service. Providing support and training within a real working environment for clients on the Autistic Spectrum. Our clients are able to achieve nationally accredited qualifications within a range of subjects supplied by ASDAN.  We provide a high level of support and commitment to changing and enhancing the lives of individuals, but also challenging the views of businesses to employ adults with a diagnosis of ASC.

Our belief is that everyone has the right to work, but not everyone can enter the working world without support. The Learning Centre will provide life skill courses and accredited qualifications with fully supported work experience in an ASC friendly environment. This will help develop confidence and self-esteem and provide the ability to reach their full potential.

As part of our ethos,  we aim to support and use as many local business as possible.

Our Mission
To change the working world for adults with autistic by creating an environment which fully supports and opens the work place enabling individuals to become part of the present and future workforce.

Our Vision
To have a business blue print, enabling Infinity Life Skills to be set up anywhere within the U.K. We will be the leaders, developers and providers of training, work experience and support for adults on the autistic spectrum enabling the working environments to become accessible to all. We will work in partnership with employers to change the views of employing people with ASC.

Our Values

  • We value and support the individuals.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to reach their full potential.
  • We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.